Revealing at Curve Expo 2016

The Panty, Reinvisioned

Vveezz new thong panty design has just been created to change the way women feel about underwear. I set out to solve every problem discussed in large focus groups. My wedgie free design feels like you're not wearing anything and they're not just for those sexy days — you'll want to wear them everyday. Yes they are sexy too, "Women will love them and husbands will thank me." Say goodbye to all the guessing games of choices when buying underwear for each outfit. Perfection of design. Comfort under clothing.

When was the last time your underwear made you this happy?

Vvveez is NOT:

  • A bulky feeling fanny flosser
  • Camel toe
  • Scratchy dull lace
  • Tiny crotch panel that won’t protect
  • Rolling down sides
  • Shifting from front to back
  • Flat crotch for curved lips
Even Mannequins Hate Wedgies
Even Mannequins Hate Wedgies

A Quest To Greatness

We were born naked. Then, there was the fig leaf, the pantaloons, brief, bikini, thong, g-string, and even the c-cup. In our quest to find the most natural feeling, we paid every attention to both comfort and appearance as we developed our designs.

The Vveezz women’s thong provides unparalleled comfort even as it flatters the female anatomy. Both offer the amazing new technology of Quantum Energy, a patented breakthrough high-functioning fabric.

This technology combines an oxygen-producing friendly micro-organism into yarn, giving energy to the wearer. The results are increased circulation, anti-bacterial properties, temperature regulation, and moisture control.

State-of-the-art textile technology meets a bold, innovative approach to fashion. Vveezz: Form, function, and fashion, all in one.