Check it out Pintwist

This super sized pin holds hair in a perfect french twist every time, as well as other creative styles that previously requires traditional hair pins. The Pintwist is contoured to lay with the natural shape of heads so it takes the place of many small ones that tend to slip out. It hides in your hair, making it a clear choice over sloppy methods of clipping and banding. Its gentle because it was designed to fit and hold with its waved pattern on one side and ball-tipped for easy glide-and-wiggle into place. It holds upside-down, sideways, and top-to-bottom.

Vveezz's new thong panty design has just been created to change the way women feel about underwear. I set out to solve every problem discussed in large focus groups. My wedgie free design feels like you're not wearing anything and it's not just for those sexy days — you'll want to wear them everyday. Yes they are sexy too, "Women will love them and husbands will thank me." Say goodbye to the guessing game. When was the last time your underwear made you this happy?

Check it out Vveezz